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Built in 1890, the Amherst Mill was functional until 2017, producing cornmeal and flour. With a dwindling need for a local mill, we purchased the property in 2017 and began the process of converting the site into its current form.

Waukeshaw worked over the course of four years years to transform the Amherst Mill into a brewhouse and taproom nestled into the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. The property is comprised of the brewhouse and taproom, 8-suite Airbnb farmhouse, and 2-acre permaculture farm.

The Airbnb offers 8 beautifully appointed suites in the original home of the mill owners, situated atop the hillside on the property. With a mix of modern and classic design, each room has a unique personality.

We established our no-till permaculture farm beginning in 2018 and have been able to supply crops to our Trapezium and Beale’s taprooms, as well as other local restaurants and farmers markets.

Our Airbnb is open for reservations year round and you can enjoy a stroll on the farm while you’re there!

Amherst Mill


Amherst, VA




4,800 SF


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